Who can benefit from an Infrared Roof Moisture Scan?

Everyone involved with building design, construction, operation, maintenance, insurance and finances of a building can benefit from timely infrared thermography to identify and remedy moisture problems before they worsen or to verify watertight roof system performance

Installers, General Contractors, Insurers and Financiers benefit from accurate roofing infrared scans to facilitate entities accountable for correcting deficiencies and to act in a timely manner before conditions worsen or before consequential damages occur and before the cost of remediation multiplies

Building Owners & Managers (Following weather events and known or possible storm damage are two milestones for obtaining a roof infrared scan. Another proactive time to plan is near the termination of the installer’s warranty)

Real Estate Investors (Roofing system infrared scans can prove very beneficial to potential purchasers prior to their closing or negotiating final funding. Concealed moisture could cost several thousands of dollars to repair; or hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace a roof system)

Who Can Benefit